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As a little girl, I adoringly looked up to my mom.  After falling in love and marrying my dad, she spent over 50 years of her life with him and raised four children including myself.    Breathtakingly beautiful, she was actually a tomboy as a child.  She always had this streak of badassness and was a feminist in her own right.  She drew strength from her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  She kept our family covered in prayer.

As I grew into adulthood and pursued entrepreneurship, she and my dad were steadfast in supporting my journey.  My mom was my biggest cheerleader!  Sadly, my dad transitioned in 2007 and a new life without him was thrust upon her.  She and I were inseparable.  She was my ride or die! 

As the years progressed, signs of my strong independent mom started to fade.  Aging has a way of potentially doing that to all of us, right?  But something just wasn’t right.  A picture of perfect health, the one part of her being that was slowly betraying her, was her beautiful mind. 


I walked hand in hand with her as she bravely journeyed through the insidious disease, Alzheimer’s.  With the support of my siblings, I became her advocate, her soothing buffer against the harshness of the disease, her constant reminder of my undying love. I am forever changed.


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