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This is my deeply personal love story of an amazing woman who transformed from Mommy to Mom and back to Mommy.  She was my Mommy as a young, impressionable child, my Mom throughout adulthood, and back to my Mommy because she stopped responding to Mom.  I was paralyzed with fear that I would lose our sacred bond.

Oh, how I loved this woman, my mom.  Her beauty was breathtaking.  I was so blessed to have a mother who lovingly nurtured me through childhood and supported me through my journey as an entrepreneur.  I did not know the latter would include me nurturing her through her journey of living with Alzheimer’s. 

An absolute fashionista, she always had a wonderful collection of handbags for all occasions.  I would also buy them as gifts for her.  As my career evolved into handbag design/manufacturing, my mom had to have whatever I created and insisted on paying full price.  “You’re running a business”, she would say.

As my mom’s caregiver, I witnessed how the purpose of her handbag changed as the disease progressed.  She used to pridefully carry it everywhere because after all, a woman should always have her purse.  Ultimately, it was reduced to a simple structure to hold all her possessions because she had to pack and go home.  As the disease progressed, she lost the connection to her handbags, not even a passing thought.

As I observed her bravely journeying through Alzheimer’s, the seed was planted in my heart to co-create a handbag with my mom.  Through her blissful moments of clarity, her primary desires were expressed.  Combined with my observations of how this handbag could function for her, a beautiful vision was born.




My mom’s favorite color and flower. 

Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and caring.

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