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Nurtured at an early age by her parents to express herself creatively, Lorra had an early start in channeling and shaping her blossoming design talents.  Weaving looms and pottery wheels were her toys of choice. 

A journey filled with industrial arts and architectural drafting classes led her to pursue a career in architecture.  With the encouragement of her high school drafting instructor to explore all possibilities, she was exposed to the wonders of interior design.

Since graduating from Howard University with a BS in Interior Design (minor study in Architecture) in 1987, Lorra embarked on what is now a 30+ year career creating beautiful interiors in both the residential and healthcare markets.  Being one who seeks out challenges, Lorra additionally focused her design talents on furniture design.

Upon the urging of her architectural design mentor, she decided to apply her core design principles to handbags and accessories.  Form follows function, proper scale, balance, and proportion, these are foundations from which her creations are actualized. 

Her handbag and accessory brand, LORRARIVERS, showcases her passion for the beauty of nature. Having a very modernist view of design, Lorra incorporates clean sculptural lines juxtaposed with beautiful exotic textures and patterns. 

Raised in the metropolitan area of Washington, DC, and a long-time resident of the city, Lorra’s aesthetic has an urban vibe.  Drawing inspiration from both the city in which she lived as well as NYC, the city in which she conducts business, the energy of the arts and culture can be seen throughout her designs.

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